Packing Plan: Round One


Today I spent about 30 minutes organizing my clothing according to what I will bring with me to Mexico and what I will be leaving behind.  I now think that I will be able to fit my main clothing into one suitcase.  Another suitcase will be taken up with my pajamas, tights, and other small clothing items as well as the clothing my husband left behind.  I figure that a third suitcase will contain all of my books and other school supplies.  The fourth will likely be a mixture of health and beauty, security, and decor items.  The fifth will contain the left over items that are not part of my two carry-on items.  I figure shoes will be placed in each–I have five pair picked out for the move.

I feel I am bringing too many clothes, but I do not know if I will be able to make it home for anything between weather changes.  Pachuca can be perfectly summery much of the time, but I also know that it can get quite cold.  So I need warm and cool work clothing as well as warm and cool casual clothing.  I am trying to combine work and casual functions as much as possible.  My concern is that if I wear my work clothing too often for every day life, it will wear down.  I am plus sized and there is not much in the way of clothing for me there.


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