Signing the Contract


I signed the contract today.  Tomorrow, I will scan it and send it off to the school.  Sometime after the 7th of March things will pick up again and the visa process will begin.  I have tried to research it but I do not really understand it.  The things I have read seem to say that for me to get the visa I must be currently making over one thousand a month here in the states, but I am an unemployed college student.  I hope that it really means I must make more than 1,000 a month in Mexico once there.  This position is my chance to be reunited with my husband again.  I cannot imagine losing this chance.

I understand that it will cost me some money to secure this, but I am fine with that.  I have saved up a bit preparing for the chance of the move.  I wish we could begin the process now, so that way I know there are no surprises waiting to ruin things in the end.

Salvador is doing great at his job and he is making enough money to pull the groceries, laundry, and gas once I am there while I cover the rest.  I may have to chip in on half of the groceries, but I do not mind.  He is currently looking for an apartment to rent in Pachuca until I get there and we move into school housing.

I have begun planning little details in my head.  My newest dream-movie involves me walking home from work, picking up food on the way, and preparing dinner while waiting for Sal to get off work.  He, of course, does the dishes.  He works Saturday mornings, so I also have the dream-movie of my sleeping in, lounging around while class planning and grading, and sitting in the park reading my books.  However, my best dream-movie is of the Sundays we both have off.

I have so many ideas of things I want to do once I get there.  Most of these just involve establishing ourselves as a couple once again and getting into the needed routines.  However, I really want to go to Tuzoofari and Tephe again.  I need to remember to pack the suntan lotion.


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