He Has an Apartment


I have been on my husband for weeks now to get an apartment since he can no longer live at home and work in Pachuca.  Instead, he has chosen to save his money and live out of his truck; this had me worried sick about his safety.  Luckily, when I called him today he informed me that he has obtained an apartment.

I am a little uncertain of this apartment based on the fact that it only will cost him about 400 pesos a month.  I purchased a dress in Pachuca in December which cost as much as this place.  However, it at least puts him indoors and makes him officially not homeless, so I am in no mood to complain.

This does change my plans for moving to Pachuca just a bit.  I was originally thinking July 31st as my date to arrive since it would be the last day before I must be present for school that Salvador could meet me at the airport–he works every day except Sundays.  However, I do not feel too great about the safety of myself and my possessions in this place.  The new plan is for me to give Sal the address of my housing placement once I have it, he will locate the house/apartment so that he knows where it is, and I will move in with the assistance of the school staff on the day of my arrival.  Then, once he gets off work, he will get his stuff from his apartment and move in with me.  If my flight arrives at noon as it should, I will be at my new home by 2pm.  My goal is to be mostly unpacked and have dinner ready for Sal by the time he gets home from work–around 7pm.

So those are the plans for now.  No doubt they will change several more times before the day actually arrives.


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