The Blanket with the Beard


Yesterday, I spoke with my husband on the phone.  Our new favorite thing to do is plan for my move to Pachuca, so we were once again engaged in doing so.  Together we thought over the things we will need, matching them against the things that the school provides.  One thing the school provides is a blanket, but they recommend buying another once you arrive due to the chilly nights.

I explained this to my husband; he assured me that he has many blankets he can bring.  However, I have a very specific aesthetic, and if I do not find my living space visually pleasing, I tend to become depressed.  It does not need to be fancy, just attractive.  I have seen several of my husbands blankets.  None have been pleasing to me.  One in particular stands out–royal blue and gold with a gigantic wolf’s head snarling dead center.

It isn’t that this picture is ugly in and of itself–in its own way, it is beautiful.  Just not on my bed.  The bed is the focal point of the entire bedroom and I cannot top it with a blanket that resembles a screened t-shirt from the Barnhart flea market.

I tried to tactfully explain this to my husband.  “I have others,” he tells me.  Yes, I know.  I have seen some of them.  “How about with tigers?”  No, no tigers.  “Flowers?”  Maybe, but it depends.  How about we just get something plain once I arrive?

He was silent for a moment, I thought taking in what I had just suggested.

“How about a beard?”

A what?!

“A beard.  I have a blanket with a beard on it.”

Why would you have something like that?

“It is very pretty.”


“It is pretty, very colorful.”

Wait, what is it again?

“A beard.”

A what?

“Un pajaro.”

A bird.  The blanket has a bird on it.

I still do not think I will make this my main bed covering, but I am very glad it is not a beard.


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  1. I have been reading your post. Catching up. This one just made me laugh out loud. Beard/Bird! Too cute and funny! My husband and I have had lots of conversations like the one you just described.

    • I used to keep a file of the various little language snags that came up between us. Sometimes I go back and read it just for laughs. There have been some good ones.

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