The Longest Summer


My summer begins May 7th with my graduation from college and ends August 4th with my arrival in Mexico.  I firmly believe this is going to be the longest summer of my life.

Once graduation is over, there is only one big thing looming in my life, and it is quite the doozy.  Moving to Mexico already consumes far too much of my thoughts; I can only imagine how much worse it will be when there is no longer anything else fighting for the space.

Sometimes it even invades my school day with my students.  They are all aware that I am moving to Mexico to teach and live with my husband and several days a week they question me on the details.

  • What food will you eat?
  • Can you drink the water?
  • Is it scary?
  • Is it by the beach?
  • Do the kids speak English?
  • Do you speak Spanish?
  • Does your husband speak English?
  • Does your husband speak Spanish?
  • Does everyone there have a really long name like you?
  • Is it true they eat dogs?
  • Will you eat burritos every day?
  • Are the nachos awesome?
  • Will you have to wear a sombrero?
  • Do people ride donkeys to work?
  • Why would you move somewhere that you cannot drink the water?
  • Will you miss your family?
  • Will you miss us?
  • Do you really love your husband that much?

They can go on forever with their questioning if I let them.

When I go home, I complete any work laying in front of me, and then I tend to sit around daydreaming about the future.  Sometimes I daydream about big events.  Sometimes I daydream about the tiniest of moments.

  • The first moment I see Salvador again
  • My first day at the school
  • Meeting the students
  • What the apartment will look like
  • How I will make the apartment a home
  • Laying in bed with my head on his chest
  • Saturdays planning and cleaning while Sal works
  • Vacations to the hot springs, to the ruins, to the beach
  • Learning enough Spanish to shop and survive
  • Holiday’s with his family
  • Playing with the animals on the farm

All these and more play out in my head.  I feel the anxiousness building inside of me.  A month ago I felt as though I could never leave my students, that I would return even once my time was up so that I could still spend time with them and help them grow.  Now, with only 7 days left, those days feel like too many–each one a road block between myself and the future.

It has been over a year since my husband left, and I am impatient with the waiting game.

I am in store for the longest summer of my life.


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  1. oh my gosh!!! anticipation was building inside of me just reading about what all you have to look forward to!!!!! I can barely wait to read what happens! I would love the chance to live in Mexico. My hubby and I have talked about it. Future plans, nothing anytime soon.

    • I wish the move had been more my choice, but I am determined to make the most of it. I definitely went through a bit of a mourning period when I realized that every plan I had for my future was changing, but I realized it is silly to waste time mourning plans when I can be happy and enjoy my life.

      If you do ever decide to move and you need a job there, look into teaching at ASOMEX schools. A lot of them provide housing, some level of health insurance, and travel benefits.

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