Student Teaching is Over


Yesterday was my last day of student teaching.

It was an interesting day. Two students in first block brought treats and second threw a party. Third block was mad we had no party, but they didn’t care enough to organize it themselves so they didn’t get one. I told them about two weeks ago when they asked for one that I do not throw my own parties. It wasn’t unexpected that they failed to do anything; they are my most apathetic bunch.

One student created a card out of duct tape and another group created a banner. Two students came by at the end of school to hug me goodbye and several freaked out on the busses as they pulled away in front of me.

My student teaching experience has been an amazing time. There was some craziness, some failure, and panic. However, the majority of it was simply brilliant. I learned so much and made connections that will forever inform my teaching.

Now I face the next steps of my immediate future.

Portfolio and exit conference
Summer graduate school
Creating my class plan
Packing up my life
Moving to Mexico

Less than 100 days until the big move.


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