My Husband is Only a Phone Call Away


Yesterday I spoke with my husband on the phone. Since he has moved to Pachuca and out of area for his cell phone (why he doesn’t just change the number, I do not know) I only call him three days a week. 1-2 min on Wednesdays, 5 on Saturdays, 20 Sundays. Wednesdays he is still in Pachuca but he is in Actopan for the weekends.  This is all due to the way the phone system works in Mexico and my desire to save him money.

So yesterday we spoke for 20 min, free for him and rather costly for me. It was a lovely phone conversation.  Not all of them are; sometimes there just is nothing to talk about, sometimes I am in the wrong mood for a good phone call, and sometimes the connection makes it awful. I worry about how this changes the dynamic of our relationship.  The last time I saw him in person, it took me about two days to warm back up to the idea that my husband was physically with me.

At the end of last nights call, he told me to call every evening this week to say goodnight because he has extra money on his phone.

Did I call today?

No. I instead sat on the couch watching tv and researching, alternating between the task at hand and daydreaming about him.  Even while thinking about him, I ignore him.  I certainly hope this doesn’t impact our relationship once we are together again.


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