So, I Have a Kindle


Over the last few months, I have become a bit obsessed with E-Readers.  My first in-person exposure to one was when I returned to my student teaching in January and my cooperating teacher and been given a Nook Color for Christmas.  It was thin, light-weight, and could receive thousands of books instantly.

She hated it.  For any number of reasons.  Still, she continued to attempt to give it a fair chance.  By the time I left 16 weeks later, she no longer hated it–but she still didn’t like it.

I became curious the more she brought it in to read during silent reading time.  There was a part of me that wanted to hate it just as she did.  I love libraries and book stores.  I love the smell of books, even (perhaps especially) the old ones.  I have a large, personal library that clutters up my living room and I am always looking for something new to read.

My adverse position faltered the more I thought about it.  My personal library will not fit in my five allowed suitcases for my move to Mexico.  If–by magic–it did, there would not be room for any of the other things I need.  Then I began reading on various Mexpat sites that English language books are prohibitively expensive in Mexico and that importing them cost some pretty pesos in shipping.  I finally came around to the other side when I read that one of the models had free 3G wireless coverage, including in Pachuca.  I had been worried about contacting my family during the first weeks (or months) without internet as I wait for the company to get to the house and install it; now I could use email on my Kindle.  Sure it is slow and awkward, but it will be a way to let my family know that I am indeed alive.

I have read two books on my Kindle in the week I have had it in my possession.  There are downsides: where I tend to want to hold it there are buttons that turn the page and sometimes when I rest it on my legs or stomach, I accidentally hit the sleep switch.  Additionally, there are various functions on it which I have yet to master.  Despite these small problems, I really like this thing.

So far, I have read Room by Emma Donoghue and Mexico: Culture Smart by Guy Mavor.  I currently have The Road and Rag and Bone Shop on the device, waiting to be read.  My Amazon wish list has 61 Kindle books on it at the moment.

Now, if only I had the money to purchase all of them.


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