7th Grade


It is official; as of August, I will be teaching 7th grade English Language Arts in Pachuca!

I had a Skype conference today to confirm the placement.  My choices were 9th or 7th.  I have two years of experience with 7th graders, so it is probably the best spot for me.  I’m told that these kids are a lovely group, so I am very excited to teach them.  So for at least one more year I will be spending my weekdays amongst 12 and 13 year-olds.  My days will never be boring.

I learned a few details about who will be on my team, but nothing much.  Apparently there will be one other rookie like myself.  I guess we will sink or swim together.  Hopefully the latter.

Soon enough I will be sent materials on their curriculum, so at that point I can start making plans.  I will also receive my housing survey soon.  I am so excited to get the housing assignment.  Part of me wants to be close to the school for convenience; another part of me wants to be in the center for the excitement and walk-ability.  I am doubtful that I will be unhappy with my placement, short of it being next door to a night club.

August 4th, get here soon!


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