Two Months, Two Weeks


Two months and two weeks until the big move.  75 days to be exact.

Eating chicken feet with my husband in Pachuca.


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    • I haven’t been nervous all along, but now I am reaching the point where I have small moments of panic and I am starting to get a little sad about what all I am leaving behind. It is a planned post for sometime this week actually, because it came on pretty sudden, but I assume it is all part of the process.

  1. My husband’s family lives in Pachuca and Ajacuba and he is wanting to go back to live with us (him and our two kids under 2 y/o) Im curious what is motivating your migration? And do you have children?
    Best of luck in Hidalgo!

    • No children, no. I am moving there because he has been denied entry into the US. We had several choices once that happened: move to the border, stay long distance, I move to Mexico, or we both relocate to some other country. Moving to Pachuca made the most sense because his family is in Hidalgo and there is a bilingual school there for me to work at.

      I will say that I saw a lot of kids when I was in Pachuca and they were always just having a blast. I was there during Christmas and all the plazas had something going on every day for the little ones. It was cute. There is an interactive children’s museum and dinosaur park that I went to (next to the children’s hospital) and it was really fun, even for the two of us as adults. I imagine Pachuca is a nice place to raise children.

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