Fuego en la Sangre


Fuego en La Sangre is the first telenovela I ever watched.  It didn’t go off the air all that long ago, but I recently discovered that it is re-airing on Telefutura.  Nostalgic for time barely passed, I started recording it.

Fuego is the novela my husband and I fell in love to; it was playing in the background on our first date (at my first authentic Mexican restaurant) and was a part of our lives from then on.  Whenever I would spend the evening at his place, I would end up watching it with all of his roommates.  When he spent the evenings with me, I would try to decipher what was going on, often making him laugh pretty hard at my misinterpretations.  We always had a good time making fun of the disparities in time and technology.  Fuego took place in a strange world where half the show seemed to be in a different century than the rest.  Conservatively dressed women ran around their hacienda and rode horses for transportation while in the next scene there would be a stripper/pop star performing amidst neon and pyrotechnic displays and evil men menacingly driving their SUV’s.

I never fully understood the show, but I reached the point where I was able to follow it well enough.  The drama really got me; I would become so angry with the characters that I would want to scream,  The scenery was always enchanting enough that when I did not understand or the episode was nothing to feel passionate about, I still was content watching it.  I became strangely attached to the show; I suppose it was comforting in that it was part of he and I and part of our routine.  While I did not expect it, I was sad when it ended.

Watching it this second time, I find I am not nearly as into it.  Occasionally, I watch a scene and I am taken back to some little moment with my husband; other than that, it mainly serves as background noise.

However, I am all about Teresa right now.


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  1. I’ve never heard of Fuego en la Sangre, I do get Telefutura though, so I will have to watch for it.
    Did you see Teresa tonight? (the wedding) It was so good!!!!! I am now on a search for those big flowers she is always wearing. After tonight’s episode I may have the guts to try some purple eye shadow as well. I am not Teresa though (far from it) so, I’ll probably end up wiping off the eyeshadow and pulling the flower out of my hair…LOL
    I posted an update in English a couple of days ago about Teresa.
    This novela is moving fast!
    Glad your watching it too!

    • My mother thinks it is hilarious that I cannot stand American soap operas but I will watch telenovelas where I can only understand half (or less) of what is going on. I haven’t given it too much thought so I can’t actually explain why.

  2. Nooo way. Teresa is so lame… Well, actually it’s good at the begining, but then as the story continues it gets bad. I must confess I’ve watched the whole soap opera already (you tube) and I couldnt feel any better knowing I dont have to wait everyday for a new episode. Lol My husband laughs at me knowing I’ve watched the whole thing… Lol

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