Clear Glasses


I picked up my new glasses on Saturday.  They are black with dark, silver arms, and quite similar to the pair I wore when I first began dating Sal.  Just thinner arms, really.

So when I did my weekly “long-call” to Mexico this weekend, I told Sal I had new glasses.  I decided to start a game by having him tell me the color after giving him the hint that they are the same color as the glasses I wore when I first met him.

He had no clue.

I remind him that they were black, but his response made me curious.  Just how much does my husband notice about the way I look?  He has pointed out my eye make-up before, saying how much he loves when I wear it, so I know he sees some smaller details.  I asked him if he remembered what color glasses I wore in December when I visited him.

“Yes, absolutely,” he responds.

“Ok, so what color were they?” I ask.

“They were clear.”

I start to laugh.  “Not the lenses, the frames!  What color were the frames?”

“Oh.  Yeah, I do not know this,” he tells me.

Now as I think this over, I wonder what he was picturing when I told him I wore black glasses when we first met.  Sunglasses?


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    • Yeah, I know what you mean. When we were preparing for our immigration interview, I would ask him questions about us that they might ask (even though they didn’t). He couldn’t remember how we started dating, where our first date was, or my mother’s name. I was like, “Really? You don’t remember any of this?”

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