What I Won’t Miss in Mexico


Top of my list: tornadoes.

However, I hold a distinct fear that with the changes in weather patterns, they are going to follow me to Pachuca.

I have been in the basement almost non stop since 3pm.  We had about five minutes not under a tornado warning thrown in there.  At the moment, it has finally let up.

Just days ago a horrific tornado tore through Joplin, MO, not 30 minutes outside the small town I lived in for a year while attending college in the area.  Weeks before that a tornado hit Lambert Airport, wrecking a concourse and destroying homes; several of my friends lost everything but their lives that day.  Then there are the tornadoes that hit Sunset Hills on New Years Eve.

New Years Eve: that was a scary one.  I was on my way home from Mexico and, for whatever reason, the mood struck me to pay the obscene amount of money required to access the internet on an American Airlines flight.  (As a side note, I hate that the “day” of coverage only covers one flight when I have to take two to get home, therefore having to pay twice).  I went straight to CNN, only to see that severe storms and tornadoes were pummeling my town and the towns surrounding it.  I tried to get in touch with my family, but no one was responding to my messages since they were all in the basement.

When I landed in Dallas I found out that my immediate family was fine but an uncle and a cousin had been in a house hit by the tornado and were at a local hospital.  I would not find out their exact condition until I landed in STL; they were fine.

Tornadoes have terrified me all of my life.  From one that sucked down a plane thousands of feet (narrowly avoiding a crash) when I was 7 to being in the school hallway when I was in 4th grade seeing a giant funnel right outside the glass of the doors, I have felt as though these things were out to terrorize me.

A few weeks back I read an article on CNN which declared that tornadoes are the most terrifying of all natural disasters.  As the author notes, there is no where in this country (likely no where in the world) where one can escape any and all natural disasters.  We all have the fear of some destructive force of nature hanging over our heads.   However, in the opinion of the author, tornadoes are the worst.

People can usually prepare for hurricanes and floods.  For the most part, earthquakes come sudden and end fast.  You can only predict tornadoes to a certain degree.  They can emerge out of no where, without warning, leaving you without a plan or place to go.  Or they can taunt you for hours, leaving you to steep in your own panic while confined to whatever shelter you happen to have.

I have about three hours to go before we are officially in the clear.  Then again, that could change.


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  1. I know just how you feel. I live in Alabama and I’m sure that you have seen what it did here in April. I remember when I was in school having to go in the hallway when there was a tornado warning. The day that the tornado hit here I had been watching the news for days. So I was prepared. I told my husband that we were NOT staying home that afternoon. He agreed even though he didn’t really understand my fear. He doesn’t have tornados in his town in Mexico. We packed up all 5 of our kids and we to a local shopping center to wait. After awhile he said it’s nothing lets go home. When we were leaving the sun was shining and he was making fun of me for being scared. I told him just because the sun is out doesn’t mean it’s over. It’s just the beginning. We just happened to stop at the waffle house to eat and here came the tornado. They made us all go into the storage room we could see the tornado on the monitor from the camera outside. It was bad. But we are all ok. My husband now knows what a tornado really is and he was sooo scared he was getting sick. He will not be making fun of me anymore about being scared.

    • Yes, very aware of what happened in Alabama. The pictures/video of the aftermath are so chilling.
      I know what you mean about the husband who doesn’t get it. Mine thought that they were cool because he liked the movie Twister. The first one around here once we were together, he wanted to go outside and look at it (crazy how many people think this is a good idea). Then when we ended up driving past an area hit by one (I forget where), he didn’t think it was cool anymore. He really quit thinking it was cool when he went through his first big tornado season here.

  2. Well my 10 year old soon to be 11 in June, said he used to think tornados we cool too. Now he hates them. Seeing what destruction they can do on TV is nothing compared to actually being there looking at it. Hopefully your family and mine will all be safe with crazy weather. Good luck living in Mexico. I have lived there before. Thank God that my husband is from the city. We had a nice apartment just like a 2 story townhouse would be here. But believe me no one else in his family was that fortunate. Everyone was always wanting to come over an take showers at our house. I didn’t understand why at first. Then I figured it out they didn’t have indoor plumbing.

    • Well, at least you will never have to worry about him running outside to look at a tornado!

      Our house will be provided by the school so I am very lucky in that. I have to say, the family coming to town to get or use things from us worries me. I am a very private person and I rarely even have friends over. Plus, on other blogs I have been reading about other Mexpats having troubles with in-laws stealing things from them. I know that I would not handle that well.

      • Oooohhhh yeah I had trouble with the stealing. My brother-in-law and his wife stole from me. He stole my camera with all my pictures from when we got married. He sold it as soon as he got it. I asked to please atleast get my memory card back. But nope. Then he stole my sons jacket he was 2 years old at the time. His wife stole 3 pairs of my jeans and had enough never to tell my husbands sister she bought them. I got them back. My husband didn’t care about the jacket he said they needed it. Well my son did too. It was cold.

        • Ugh. I really hope I can avoid all that drama. I’m sorry you had to go through that. The camera is the worst. It is my fear with my computer, that someone will steal that and I will not have backed-up something important.

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