Just Thursday

Outside my window: It is grey and depressing.  I’d love to have the sun shine for a while.
Today I feel: Tired and nervous, a combination due to storms and planning.
I am thankful:
  • That the storms did not do damage to my home or those of my friends and family.
  • That there is no prediction for bad storms today.
  • That there is so little left to do to be ready for the big move.
  • That I have a job waiting for me in August.
Tomorrow I am going: Likely to the store to get a few things I need.
I am wearing: My favorite dress, a blue shrug, blue shell earrings, my key to my heart (key with Sal’s name carved into the side), my wedding ring.
I wish: That it were August.  Or that I were with Sal for just about any reason that could warrant my flying to Mexico right now.
This weekend: I want to start working on outlining my year plan for school, gather needed lesson materials, check on the progress of materials needed to secure my visa, read a bit on the Kindle, and find time in-between to relax a bit.
I am reading: Goodbye Round Robin.  It is to help me learn different strategies for having my students read aloud.
I am working on: Nothing much today.  I decided I wanted to take today to relax.
Yesterday I: Worked at the daycare, kept kids calm during a tornado warning, cleaned up around my place, and started revising our drill procedures and set-up. 
I am hoping: That I am making the right choices in my pre-packing.  I do not want to be without anything vital once I move, but I would also like to take as few bags as possible.
I am hearing: Salsa music (mine), people walking above me.
I bet you don’t know: I cannot sleep without a fan on me.  My husband is convinced that this will kill me.
One of my favorite: time wasters right now is playing Gardens of Time on Facebook.

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    • No problem. It is fun to do. The weather has cleared up here, but now the cicadas are out and so, so noisy. I cannot hear the person next to me talking when I am outside in the afternoon.

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