Gringita Gordita


One day, Salvador and I were discussing my going to Mexico.  At some point, we got onto the topic of race.  I was worried that I might receive unwanted attention in Mexico because I am white.  He kept assuring me that no, no one would care that I am white.  Experience has taught me different, but that is yet another story for another day.

I knew that his grandmother did not care for white people because of her very negative past experiences, so I did not believe him.  She had also said some less than pleasant things about me being white (and American, and a non-Catholic) to him on the phone.  So I asked him, “What about your grandmother?  Won’t she dislike the way I look?”

“Oh no, Sarah,” he assured me.  “She is fat just like you.”

“I wasn’t talking about being fat.  We were talking about race, remember?”

“Oh yeah.”


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  1. That’s sounds just like something a man would say. I guess he forgot what he was talking about. The only problem I had in Mexico was that when I would be out on the street people would just stop and stare at me because I was speaking english. Some would even try to follow me to hear what I was saying. Lol

    • Yeah, I get people following me to hear me speak, but I also get a lot of people who stare at me and giggle when I hold hands with my husband; nothing offensive there, but I don’t enjoy the attention. My only bad experience was when I was walking with my husband and a car slowed down and a guy yelled “guera” (or however it is spelled) at me and then spit at me.

    • It was really random. I hadn’t noticed the car previously, so I know I didn’t do something like step in front of him and make him mad. We were just walking around to get out of the hotel room for a while. My husband asked me what happened, but I wouldn’t tell him; I didn’t want him to go chasing after the car or something crazy.

  2. OMg! Give that boy a slap for me! I can’t believe he said that! Lol…but then again, I have to. My experience with Mexican culture is that it’s no big deal to come out and tell someone they’re fat. Lol…you must have wanted to kill him! 😉

  3. My ex-husband used to call me gorda and it drove me crazy. I knew it was his idea of a term of endearment but it wasn’t to me. My current husband is smarter than to use that word with me either, unless he’s ready to fork over some dough for a tummy tuck, lol. I’ve got three kids and I earned every inch of this belly 🙂

    On the other hand, I have had no problems in Mexico but I follow two rules:
    1. Don’t haul around anything that says I’m American and have money like my fancy digital camera and camcorder.
    2. I don’t speak English in public unless it’s between the baby and I and she understands Spanish but answers me in English. There are only 35 registered foreigners in the state of Tlaxcala but I have encountered very little trouble there at all.

    • It took me a while to get used to it, but he thinks it is just the cutest thing ever to call me Gordita, so I let him. It makes him too happy.

      Yeah, I realize that for the most part avoiding problems is just using common sense–I am not one of those who thinks that I am going to go there and get shot up by a drug lord, you know? My dad thinks that enough to cover for everyone else, lol! Even the random incident I mentioned in the comments isn’t that big of a deal; I received worse treatment from the “townies” when I attended an all female college in a small Missouri town. I’ll be honest though, I am always speaking English in public because my Spanish is just terrible. I hope that I will get much better very quickly after arriving.

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