I am annoyed. Yesterday I called my husband around 1pm and he asked me to call him back because he was playing futbol. No big deal, I know he plays on Sundays–but the time is always changing. So I tell him I’ll try again later.

So I did. I called him ten times actually between 6pm and 9pm. Sometimes Skype told me they could not complete my call as dialed; other times I got the TelCel voice telling me about voicemail. I do not know if it ever rang on his end any of those times. Finally, at about 9:40 pm, someone picked up–then promptly hung up without saying anything. I called back and finally got through at 9:48; his mother picked up.

She explained to me that my husband was sleeping and that he had to get up early to go to work, so I could not talk to him. Now I will not be able to talk to him for more than two minutes (thanks to his phone being out of area in Pachuca) until Saturday.

Yeah, I’m annoyed.


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  1. Sorry you weren’t able to talk to you hunny. I know the times my husband has been in Mexico and I’ve had to call him, sometimes it all goes smooth and others it doesn’t. Phone calls to MX can be a pain in the butt sometimes!

  2. Lisa here from (From one country to another) I can definetly relate to this. Tara is right sometimes everything goes smoothly and sometimes the phone does not even ring. It really sucks when it does not work out especially when you dont get to talk everyday.

    • Thanks for stopping by!

      Yeah, I don’t think I would have been nearly as annoyed had his mother not taken the liberty to answer the phone and refuse to turn it over to him. I wish my Spanish were better; I would have told her she needs to let him decide for himself if he would rather sleep than talk to me.

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