The Paper! The Paper!


Sal moved into my apartment while I was in my sophomore year of my education program (aka: my third senior year).  He was practically living there before he officially moved in, he just had a laundry basket worth of stuff still at the apartment he shared with his friends.  Due to this, I felt no need to introduce him to anything in the apartment, figuring he already knew it all.

One day I was sitting on the couch writing a paper while he was cooking, across from my office.  When I finished, I sent the paper wirelessly to my printer.  Since it tended to take a while, I didn’t bother to get up and checked my email instead.

Suddenly, Salvador came running into the living room.  He had a panicked look on his face.

“Come quick!  Something is happening to your paper!” he cried out.

“Yes, honey, I know.  It is printing.”

After dinner I introduced him to the printer and he found the thing awe-inspiring.  Not all that much later I would be walking around Mexico with the same look of wonder and confusion on my face.


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    • I couldn’t on my own. A big downside to living in Mexico will be the fact that my father and brother will not be there to get all the technology set up for me.

    • Oh, not at all. I’ve been around technology all my life due to my father’s work, but I am lost beyond basic internet and Microsoft Works skills.

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