Just Thursday/Thankful Thursday


Link up with Murdock’s Mama.

Outside my window: light traffic, children playing at the complex across the street, an ATT worker repairing some lines

Today I feel: lethargic and sick

I am thankful:

  1. for having a life of relative privilege
  2. for my education, which has helped me see so much truth in this world that I do not think I would have otherwise noticed
  3. for having a husband who values my intelligence more than my looks
  4. for Issac doing so well at school and how proud he feels about this accomplishment
  5. for Trevor being so silly and looking at me with so much love in his eyes
  6. for having slept through the night for the first time in a week
  7. for silly dreams that actually make sleeping fun and give me a good laugh when I wake up
  8. for the courage to break ties when I discover that they hurt me or when there simply is no choice
  9. for BBQ weekends
  10. for the crazy sound of the cicadas when the day is the hottest
  11. for finding so many people in the same or similar situation as myself and becoming part of a community

Tomorrow I am going: to send off a bunch of emails to gather what I need for my move and get a few answers to a few questions

I am wearing: my lazy cargos, my jewel tone cami, a plaid button-up

I wish: that whatever virus I have would go away

This weekend: I will clean, organize, and plan

I am reading: Goodbye Round-Robin, same as last week; I am being a bit slow

I am working on: plans and plans and plans

Yesterday I: play-boxed with Trevor, sprayed the babysitting kids with the hose, ate custard at Culver’s

I am hoping: that my transition to Mexican life and culture will be as smooth as possible and that any bumps in the road will simply be part of my growth process

I am hearing: cicadas, cicadas, cicadas

I bet you didn’t know: sometimes I become angry with my husband because I will eat anything he does (various insects, cow tongue, menudo, etc) but he refuses to indulge in many foods I enjoy, saying they are disgusting (olives, artichokes, various cheeses, etc)

One of my favorite: foods (that my husband will not touch) are stuffed grape leaves


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