Two Months


The last time I saw my husband was five months and four days ago.  I have said goodbye to him three times at the Mexico City airport.  This last was by far the hardest.

The first time the tears mostly came the night before.  When we arrived at the airport he refused to ask directions for me to get into the check-in.  We lost nearly 30 minutes with him leading me around without a clue.  I finally just took off following the signs he didn’t trust and found myself where I needed to be.  By the time I reached security, I was steaming angry at him and risking missing my flight.  Right as I was about to reach the ticket and passport check, he called me back in tears.  Despite my worry about the flight, I came back to him and cried with him for a few moments, before resuming my mad dash through security and to my gate.

The second time, he once again refused to ask questions.  This time he was convinced that the taxi driver needed to take us to terminal one, because he knew all international flights left from there.  Our driver tried to tell him that Continental leaves from Terminal Two, but he would not, could not, listen.  We were late getting there no matter as Sal had been convinced that it really didn’t take all that much time to get from Pachuca to Mexico City and he thought I was crazy for forcing him to leave two hours earlier than he could even fathom being necessary; we ended up in hours of stand still thanks to protestors blocking the way.  By the time we made it to the wrong terminal, we knew that there was a very good chance I was not going to make my flight.  We ran through the airport to reach the train, which he was not allowed on without a plane reservation; we quickly kissed and I ran off.  I do not know if he tried to call me back that time because I never looked back.

The third time the both of us had learned our lessons.  We left early, took a comfy bus, and made certain my flight was leaving from Terminal 1, not 2.  We arrived with time to spare, so we sat down at an overpriced restaurant.  Time dragged on and simultaneously went too quickly.  I cried three times in his arms before I went through security.  I wasn’t angry at him, so I felt the freedom to actually be sad this time.  I cried off and on the entire way home, from Mexico City to Dallas, from Dallas to St. Louis.

That was five months and four days ago.  In exactly two months I will be repeating these scenes in some manner, except this time with family and friends.  Two months until I touch down once more in Mexico City and then head for the highway to start my new life, once again with Sal.


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  1. I can totally relate. The first time I went to Mexico it had been over two years since I was able to actually touch him. When we left, I cried at the bus station saying goodbye to his family, I cried on the bus, I stood there and bawled at the security checkpoint. Then between me and my son, someone was bawling all the way to Phoenix. And it took us forever to get to the right terminal too : )

    • The issue of time spent apart is interesting. I am always getting irritated at people on my Facebook feed who put things in their status like, “Leaving (town) now. Won’t see my fiance for at lest a week. Trying not to cry.” But then I allow myself to wallow when I know there are others who have it worse; I could not imagine going two years without seeing my husband, and to do it with a little one. You are a brave woman.

  2. I have also said goodbye to my other half three times in mexico. The first and longest time we were apart it was for 9 months. The second time it was for two months and this time I am not sure how long it will be. I agree though this last time it was the hardest for me. It feels like it is getting harder and harder to be apart.

    • It is interesting, because I cannot fully explain why it was so much harder. I know some reasons, such as those noted in the post, but I can tell it goes beyond that. When I left that last time, I felt as though there was no way I could go through it again.

      I am sorry you two are apart right now; I hope that you will be able to be back with him soon.

  3. Oh my, i’m a bad wife! I love my Mexicanito pero sometimes I welcome a break. In all seriousness, I would be heartbroken and crying if I knew we’d be apart for other reasons. Him going to visit family or a work trip I can deal with.

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