How to Spot Your Baggage


For me, one of the more stressing moments of airline travel is the baggage claim.  My luggage of choice are black duffel bags from Wal-Mart, which means that I get excited a lot as black duffel after black duffel pops up–only to be disappointed when I realize it is not mine.  Or, even worse, I mistake someone else’s luggage for my own and begin to leave with it.

However, I have a solution for this problem which plagues me: duct tape.  Specifically, leopard print duct tape.

I make certain to apply this leopard print duct tape to all four sides of the bag–usually on the handles–to insure that no matter the angle, I will be able to spot my luggage.  Bonus points for the fact that no one else will mistake my black duffel bag for their own.

What you need: sissors, duct tape, luggage

One handle nearly finished.

A completed handle.


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  1. I will have too look for that tape…do they have pink by any chance haha! I actually had a scarf I cute in pieces to tell mine apart from others but I do like your idea better.

    • They do have it in pink. I used to have neon green that I used, but I left it with my husband in Mexico. They are all in the hardware section of Wal-Mart.

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