Reflexive Verbs and Eating


I have decided to share some of my Spanish blunders as I have blogged several times about my husband’s missteps in English.  Unfortunately, I do not have as many stories to share as I have yet to be in situations where I frequently needed to converse in Spanish.  So, I combed through my language files and found this little gem to share.


When I first began to take Spanish classes in earnest–after meeting my husband–I was introduced to the idea of reflexive verbs, something we have very little use for in English. I actually may have been introduced to them once or twice before, as I had taken Spanish I and II in both middle school and my second year of college. However, third time always being the charm, I actually remembered a bit about them and had the chance to work with them.

I actually do not remember all that much about them now; they were one of the last elements covered as I finished my third Spanish II class and I have not had real opportunity to practice my Spanish in the last year. What I do remember, though, is that they provided a wonderful opportunity for me to embarrass myself.

The introduction was pretty simple–we use the reflexive to show when we do things to ourselves. I bathe myself, I dress myself, etc. So, it seemed logical to me that it would apply to meal times as well.

However, I did not know how to say I feed myself. Like any good language novice, I improvised with the words I did know.

So I told the class, “I eat myself.”


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