The Overwhelming Feeling of Starting a Project


I am currently in the process of designing my year plan for my very first year teaching on my own.  It is a very, very big project and I am very much overwhelmed.

I tried to start by just outlining ideas, which worked well enough, but then I needed to make it more orderly.  So I began to think about what needed to come first and what would build on the previous piece.  This then raised questions about what procedures and concepts I need to define before I can teach these various ideas I had outlined in a jumbled mess.  Which then caused me to think about the important things my students must learn that I am overlooking.

And just like that, I could remember nothing of these ever so important concepts and procedures I just spent three years learning.  My brain has simply shut down for the time being, signaling that I need to both take a break and take it easier.  I need to remember that it is okay to draft my year plan and lessons and discover that they are not perfect.  Would I make a student feel bad for having a first draft that needs work?  No, no I would not.  Just like any other piece of writing, creating these plans should utilize the writing process.  I just need to get past the struggle to allow myself to start out imperfect and to embrace failure as a part of the process.


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