Thankful Thursday


I am thankful . . .

  1. that I am officially under the 50 day mark for arriving in Mexico
  2. because I have been able to take bad new and turn it into motivation for becoming my better self
  3. for the chicken tinga recipe I tried, how well it turned out (even if not so chicken tinga-y), and how much my family enjoyed it
  4. for all the knowledgeable individuals I have come into contact with recently and how many disasters I have managed to avoid thanks to their stories and advice
  5. that I get to speak with my husband three times a week
  6. because I recently realized that I have had only one fight with my husband in the five + months since I left Mexico
  7. for how far I managed to get on my year plan yesterday
  8. for the fact that I am starting to feel as though I have a clear(er) vision for what my full year plan will be
  9. because I have family members who are supporting me as best as they can while I try to get everything set up and figured out
  10. that I have not simply come to terms with events in my life, but that I have started to truly appreciate them

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