Random Thoughts on this Sunday Morning


His Eyes

Later today, I will be making my “long-call” of the week to my husband.  I practically live for my phone calls with him–we do three a week.  They make me feel happy and leave me rejuvenated for a brief time after the phone call ends.  But it is not all that long before those feelings fade and I am left with the yearning to have these wonderful conversations while being able to look him in his eyes.

Fast Cars

Every weekend, there is a young man in a black Mustang who drives along the state road we must travel to shop for groceries.  He cuts back and forth between the two lanes of traffic, speeding up each time he moves only to have to slam on his brakes right before he would otherwise drive into someones back seat.  I know that he thinks he looks cool, that everyone is watching him because they are admiring him, because they are jealous, or both.  However, all that I am thinking is what a weak mind he must have to feel the need to put himself and so many others at risk just so that he can feel big.

The Anxious Days

I have now entered the period which I am terming The Anxious Days.  Every day is spent feeling jittery, almost itchy, for August 4th to just hurry up and be here.  While I know that there are things I still need to get done and moments to cherish here, there is still a part of me that just wants to get out of town, get settled in my new one, and actually live with my husband.  There is a new life waiting for me, and it almost feels like it is taunting me with all the potential it has.  My life as it is now feels so stagnant and routine that I often feel as though I am choking on it.


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  1. I definetly relate to the phone calls and the anxious days. I also got to talk with Javier 3 times a week but after awhile it is just not enough. You are almost there. Suerte Amiga!

    • Thank you! I think Sal is more excited about my being there than I am; he always says few days are left than actually are. So long as he doesn’t show up at the airport two days early, we should be good.

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