Til Death to Us Part


A day before I received a job offer at a school in Pachuca, Sal received a job offer with a construction company there.  At this point in time, our lives were really starting to fall into place, repairing the mess that had been made of them by our immigration attempt.  After we both received our job offers and had been given information about salary and benefits, we exchanged details over the phone.

I told Sal about provided housing, health coverage, and classroom supply allowances.  He told me about holidays, health insurance, and the consistency of jobs.  Then he added one more detail.

“They also have the insurance for the money when I am killed at my job.”

I knew right away he was talking about life insurance, but I found the phrasing to be hilarious.  You see, this a not an “if” situation; it is only a matter of when.  He also will not die of natural causes, he will be killed.  After we ended our conversation, I wondered if this was simply the result of his lack of fluency in English or if it was somehow indicative of a pessimistic outlook.


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