Randomness on This Tuesday Evening


I went to the doctor at 7:30 this morning to re-run a test that I had about three weeks ago.  At the time, the result concerned my doctor, who requested that I have it done again.  It came back with the same result.  She then said to me, “Well, it is not a problem.”

Two of my future co-workers have made contact with me, which makes me feel much better about starting at the new job.  They both seem to be very lovely people and I hope to hear from more before the week is over.

Yesterday, I called my husband to explain to him a choice I was making and to get his input.  When I finished explaining, he said to me, “Whatever you choose to do, I support.  I respect your decisions.”  I truly believe it is amongst the most romantic things he has ever said to me.


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    • I know, it is crazy. He and I first started counting down when there were 76 days to go. It doesn’t seem as though any time has really passed, but yesterday was 36 days to go. I almost feel as though my life is a time machine and I am skipping days into the future all the time.

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