What Does One Buy at the People Shop?


The People Shop

When I first saw this in Actopan, it delighted me.  I had no idea what to make of it, but I knew I needed a picture.  My husband had to drive back around for me to snap this photo.

There is a strange frequency in the use of English words to name stores or restaurants in this area.  I am not certain what the purpose is in terms of cultivating an image or expanding the clientele base.  Sometimes it works out just fine, and other times it comes out more like this.

What does one buy at the people shop?  Judging from the other signage, I believe it would be jeans.  This makes sense.  If we frequently refer to places to purchase items for our pets as pet stores, then places where one buys things for people could be people stores.  However, being that it is not a convention of my language to label these stores in such a manner, People Shop communicates something I imagine is wholly unintended.


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