A Soccer Fish


My husband has been gone from the United States for a year and a half, and during that time I have only sent him one package–when I did, I found it to be prohibitively expensive.  It cost $80 to send a package by FedEx that weighed less than a pound; while I am aware of alternatives now, I was clueless and desperate to send him something.  When I heard that price, I wanted to walk out; however, I had just made a photo book and a stuffed animal that I wanted to send him.

The photo book was just one of the paperback books you can make through Walgreens.  I had just been to Mexico to see him in May and I wanted him to have the photos we took together.  We didn’t take enough to fill the pages, so I wrote him love letters and poems in the blanks.  I said to him everything I wanted to, but never seemed able to, and did so in a language he could barely read.

The stuffed animal was a “soccer fish” that I made out of a knee sock.  I cannot sew, which meant that fish was my only option; I stuffed the front of the sock with filling from an old pillow and knotted it off, making a tail.  As I stuffed the fish, I sprayed the stuffing with my body spray so that he could smell me when it got there.  It took so little effort, but I knew he would love it.

I had spent too much time thinking about him receiving the items that I simply had to send them off.  So I forked over the $80 and the book and fish went on their merry way.

Matters became much more complicated after that.  My husband has no address and I was told it was fine to list the post office for delivery when I shipped it off.  FedEx began calling me once the item was in Mexico City, explaining that this was actually not at all okay.  I asked if they would send it to the office in Actopan; they told me there was no office in Actopan.

Eventually, my husband had to go to the office, get the address, have a worker call FedEx, and then have me call FedEx to get it all worked out.  A few days after, it arrived.  He called me on the phone, crying and telling me how much he loved my gifts.  He would end up using my love letters and poems to practice reading English.

Even though I never did it again, I think it was $80 well spent.

The Soccer Fish


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  1. HOW CUTE! I love this story and the soccer fish! I use to have a pen pal in Peru. Sending things was extremely expensive and difficult. I ended up finding a Peruvian taxi service whos owners traveled there once a month. They ended up letting me drop items off to them and then my pen pal would go to there business in Peru and pick them up for a small charge. Then if they wanted to send me something, it worked the same way but in reverse. Too bad you did not have an option like that. Just think though…….. you do not need one now, you will be there in person soon! So excited for you!

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