I Have a House


I received my housing placement from the school today.  It might be an understatement to say that I am extremely excited.

The last few hours have been spent exploring my future neighborhood via Google Street view.  Also spent being irritated at my husband for not putting money on his phone like he is supposed to.  Answer me, Salvador!  I have something important to tell you!

From what I can see, it looks nice.  I can’t see much because it is a private neighborhood and has a guard at the gate.  It is close to some of the busiest streets in the city, which has its ups and downs.  So far, I have located a few different stores of importance on or near the street.  The big one–a lavanderia–has not yet made itself known.  But I have tortas, taquitos, and crepes being sold within a two minute walk of my house, so I am pretty much set, right?


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  1. Pretty much. I love tortas.

    Yeah, a lavandería would be nice. I had to wash my clothes by hand once, and it wasn’t pretty.

    • I plan to handwash delicate clothes and intimates, but I want to send the larger items off for someone else to wash. I’m spoiled.

  2. I can’t wait to hear how you like teaching in Mexico. I’m going on my 3rd year. I love my students. I don’t like Reynosa, but it is a good school and close to the border.

    • I am very hopeful that I will fit in well and thrive in the environment. Will you be staying at the school? I know at one point you seemed to not want to go back.

      • I got a phone call from the school today. They are asking me to come back even though I told them I didn’t want to in May. I saw the housing where the director is currently living (he isn’t coming back) and it is nice. I just don’t know if I can take another year in Reynosa. Anyway, I’m waiting to see how much it will cost me before making a final decision. At least I am keeping an open mind. And it has been more tranquil lately except Matamoros where the priest was killed last Saturday. We are hoping that the soldiers taking over the municipal police duties will make a difference.

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