25 Things I Love About my Ham Sandwich


A few days back, there was an article written for the Daily News which briefly touched on the lives that the wives of banned immigrants live.  I read the article, but I did  not read the comments.  In any article that even alludes to immigration, I avoid the comments section as a rule; in fact, it is rare that I ever read comments.

In the case of this article, I did not need to read the comments.  The men and women of an immigration centered community which I belong to discussed them on their own board.  There were plenty of racist and misogynistic comments to go around, but the standout comment–which touched on both racism and misogyny and managed to set the bar for stupidity–stated that women are so desperate, they would marry a ham sandwich.

My Ham Sandwich

In honor of my ham sandwich–with whom I will be reunited in less than a month–here are 25 things I love about him:

  1. I am better than I was before I met him.  While I didn’t fully realize it until he was in my life, I was a very dark, sluggish, depressed individual.  I feel so much lighter with him in my life.
  2. He taught me things that I would never have learned with my college education alone.  Things I would never have learned in my own, insular world.
  3. Never an hour goes by when we are together that he does not tell me or show me in some manner just how much he loves me.
  4. He brought people into my life that have changed it for the better.
  5. He motivated me to take more risks and to change myself in positive ways.  Salvador is the best support system I could have asked for.
  6. When he does something wrong, he admits it and does whatever he can to make up for it.  His disposition has motivated me to let down my guard and feel better about admitting when I am wrong.
  7. He cooks, does a better job at it than I do, and he cleans the dishes.
  8. He doesn’t care about machismo culture and looks down on the men who do.
  9. When he calls me “little fatty”, he considers it a compliment.
  10. He admires my father, loves my mother, and jokes with my brother.
  11. He works harder than anyone I have ever known in my life for so little in return and will never stop until he dies; he doesn’t mourn this fact either.
  12. He isn’t afraid to cry.
  13. He opens up to me about painful moments in his past and feels no need to keep his guard up around me.
  14. When I laugh, he laughs.
  15. His voice when he speaks with me is practically musical in his happiness.
  16. He never acts threatened by my successes.
  17. He respects the choices I make for myself and the ones I must make for the two of us together.
  18. He thinks my best feature is my intelligence; when he wants to show me off to friends, he talks about my education.
  19. He is not afraid to dance.  Anytime, anywhere.
  20. He believes in the power and importance of family.
  21. He loves children, and his interactions with them are gentle and beautiful.
  22. He tells me that before he could have never imagined someone like me in his life, and now he says he can no longer imagine it without me.
  23. He bonds with me over our differences rather than letting them divide us.
  24. He takes my side when other get snotty, even if they are his family.
  25. He is the only person who has ever been able to capture my heart.  He is the only one who ever will.

If you have created your own 25 things post, link up in the comments!


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    • My favorite dancing story is when he wanted to teach me this traditional stomping dance from his region. He was struck to do this as he was changing out of his work clothes, so he was stomping around the apartment in his underclothes and dress socks.

    • He really is. There are days when I feel I do not value him like I should because of petty things. It has been a long time, though, since I have felt that way. This last separation has really helped me grow in our relationship, despite how painful it is to go through.

  1. your ham sandwich is a hottie! I just happened upon your blog but I am at work and can’t read or write as much as I could. But thank you SOOO much for putting the effort into it!! I love it and it’s so inspiring!

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