See You Soon


My husband said this to me last night as we ended our conversation; when he said it, he giggled, and I so wish I could play that sound for the world to hear–or at least over and over again for my own satisfaction.

Soon is 29 days away.  Within those next 29 days, I must finish my year plan and write out in full my first unit, with my goal being to write out my first two.  All but one suitcase is packed already, and I need to get that packed so that I can practice getting it all on the luggage cart quickly–I don’t want to be the jerk who holds up customs because she travels with four suitcases.

That in and of itself is interesting–four suitcases to bring my life with me, all the things I need and some of the things I want, plus items for my husband.  I have never brought more than one suitcase with me, so among the many things I have found to worry about, I am concerned about moving so many suitcases through customs and whether or not they will try to make me pay a duty on my own possessions, thinking I am bringing them in to sell.

I am starting to have a picture of my life in Pachuca; receiving my housing assignment has done a great deal in moving my future from the abstract to the concrete.  I now have ideas about how I will get to and from work each day, I know where I can get quick and cheap food on my way home, I found where I will be getting my copies for school made, and I have located a hopeful location for a market that is within walking distance.

Also within walking distance is the futbol stadium.  I can see us walking to games together, cheering on our team, and him hopelessly trying to explain the rules to me.  I wonder what snacks are sold in the isles of a Pachuca futbol stadium and how different they are from those sold at a St. Louis baseball game.

I see parties in the plazas, festivals celebrating concepts completely foreign to me, catching the “rodeo”, and my first bull fight at Plaza del Toros.  In each of these scenes, I see him next to me, happy that I am there and happy to be sharing these moments with me.

There are not-so-foreign moments that I am seeing as well.  Trips to the movies, teaching him how to bowl, evening spent cuddled on the couch while I work and he relaxes to his favorite show.  They are events that have always been a part of us but have been absent from our lives for over a year.

Each of these moments–and more that I cannot even begin to imagine–are a promise unstated in the words, “See you soon.”  So much left to do before I go, so much waiting for me when I do.  And only 29 days in-between.


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  1. Wow I am so excited for you. I also have only carried with me only one maleta each time and even though we did bring many of our things with us in January it still feels like there is so much we left behind. Cant wait to hear about all your new adventures though!

    • Yeah, I am really worried about not being able to make it through customs that easy. Here in STL, my dad will help me get them to TSA, and obviously I don’t see them again until Mexico. Life would be a lot easier if they let you take the provided carts outside of customs. Instead, I am taking my own luggage cart, and hoping they will let me carry it on the plane.

    • Well, since I am not there yet I don’t quite know how it will be. And four suitcases is a lot of stuff–not anywhere near roughing it status. I imagine I will be quite content. If not, I am planning to take a week home at Christmas time, so I can always haul more things back at that point. Then there are also those I know who go back and forth multiple times a year who I might be able to pay to get them to bring something I really want. So I am probably going to be completely spoiled.

  2. Can’t believe your move is coming up so soon! I remember when you had several months on your countdown thingy (up top on ur blog). I’m so excited for you and I hope your internet is ready to go and you can update us asap! I know you are going to need time to unpack, settle in, and especially spend time with your hubby, but don’t forget about “us”….LOL I feel like I know all my blogger friends personally!

    • As soon as I have internet I will be posting pictures, updates, and stories. I plan to write posts and save them on my computer so I still get the daily therapy of blogging. Right now I am on vacation with poor internet and it is making me crazy. I tried to post yesterday and it wouldn’t let me. It was the first day I missed writing in almost two months.

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