A Newsworthy Story in Hidalgo


The doll which has seemingly captivated Hidalgo.

I realize that this probably isn’t nearly as funny if not run through a translator, but this made my day.  I subscribe to this on Twitter because it is how I can get small snippets of news from Hidalgo and my Twitter app has the translator built right in for my Spanish impaired self.  The problem, obviously, is that I can miss the point quite often since the translations are not always accurate.  I’m not certain what exactly went wrong here, but I hope everyone enjoys reading it.


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  1. Mexicans and their duendes! The first time I visited, I had a shoe go missing. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. He told me the elves had taken it (he was dead serious). He said they lived in the attic. Hahaha

    • Lol! Thank you for commenting on this. I was worried that no one would be interested in it, which is sad since it delighted me so very, very much. My favorite is the last one where it says people are scared.

      I had no idea that this was a cultural thing. I thought it was just some prank going on in some Hidalgo town that randomly made news (perhaps because so few crazy things happen there). My husband has never, in my memory, told me elves took something. But maybe he just didn’t know the English word and I had no idea the Spanish one.

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