Tee Minus


So today marks one week and three days until I leave.  I don’t plan to sleep the night of the third as I will be waking up at 3:30 to leave anyhow.  My plan is to sleep on the planes as a way of coping with my fear of flying.  Mom will say goodbye the night before, Dad will drop me off at the airport and help me check-in, and then off I will go behind the secure lines.  Hopefully my plane is not delayed as it was in December.  At some point in the afternoon, I’ll step outside the doors of customs with far too much luggage trailing behind me.  I’ll find my husband and off we’ll run to the bus station.

In between then and now, there is nothing much for me to do.  I am still working on my year plan, but most of it is finished.  There are a few items to fill in, an intro to write, and then I will move on to creating my individual lesson plans.  I plan to use my afternoons after orientation and my full days off between orientation and the start of class to do that.  I almost hope I will not have internet until I start teaching so that there is nothing to distract me from actually doing my work.

I have a doctors appointment today, and I hope it is my last.  My bags are almost fully packed, last minute items withstanding.  I want to organize things I am leaving behind into rubbermaid bins, but we’ll see if that ever happens.

So, not much exciting going on in my world just yet.  I imagine that will all be changing soon enough.


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  1. Wow! For me your time is going by quickly! What will seem like tomorrow you will be blogging from your new place!

    Just make sure to have your favorite foods before you head off!

    • We’re heading to my favorite burger joint Wednesday. We already had my favorite Chinese good. Still need Culver’s custard though.

  2. I am so excited for you (and completely envious of your apparent lesson writing skills :-)). You’ll be there before you know it!

    • Well, I paid for four years of college for these skills! Sadly, I am still putting things off, which is silly with how close my trip is. I’m not feeling well today, so hopefully tonight I can get some stuff going on the year plan and I can write one or two articles for my side job.

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