To Salvador


I love you, but I do not always have the words

to express just what that means.

If I did, I am not sure you would understand;

my words are in English, a language we partly share.

But even if you never understand, there are things which should be said.

I want you to know that we are not a love song

and I love that fact;

you do not make me weak, you leave me strong.

Yes, I am stronger because of you.

I am wiser because of you.

Before you, I think that my eyes were half shut

and I walked through life that way.

There was a sadness that I cannot place.

The clouds lifted when I met you.

Will I ever close my eyes again

after watching you shine so bright?

I think I did–and it was a mistake.

I was bad then, bad to you,

bad for you and not what you deserved.

The pain was palpable

and my regret a ghost, haunting me.

I don’t know any love poems–

least not the kind that tend to come to mind

when thinking about love, thinking about romance;

no roses nor violets, no red nor blue.

But I think I am writing something beautiful with you.

Perhaps it is prose.

I am thankful to your God that I met you,

and thankful for all the “mistakes” I ever made

which ultimately led me to you.

Looking back now, I see that nothing went wrong;

life righted itself, as it tends to do.

With you, nothing is ever certain,

yet it somehow always is;

I could float away with you

but still know where I would fall.

I fell for you.

I’d fall with you–

with you, my love.


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