A Little About Me and You


This is a new blog challenge, similar to that of the 7 posts I did a little while ago.  Lisa from Lisa and Javi put out the challenge and anyone who is interested should participate and link up in the comments.  It is geared towards expats and serves as a way to get to know everyone a bit better.  Lisa, I changed some of the wording to better suit my writing style; I hope you do not mind.

1. How long have you been with your husband?

Salvador and I have been together for three and a half years, married for two.  Our anniversary is April 29th (same as Will and Kate, but our ceremony was much less grand).

2. Can you remember a funny miscommunication due to language barriers?

So many.  And I have covered a few of them on my blog.  My favorites, however, I will never publish because they are a bit too risque for me to put out there publicly, considering I am a teacher.

3. Where have you relocated?

While pretty much everyone knows I am not there yet (thanks to my obsessive counting down), I will be living in Pachuca, Hidalgo in less than six days.  I hope that I can make this permanent, but if it isn’t meant to be, I think Puebla would be nice.

4. Do you have any children?

No children at this time.  We want to have one child and are looking at ten years from now for that.  We have the names chosen, though: Pablo Eliot for a boy and Stela Josephine (Stela Jo) or Stela Rosa for a girl.  I prefer spelling Stela as Stella, but then that changes the pronunciation in Mexico.

5. What is one thing that your blogger friends don’t know about you?

I used to paint abstract paintings.  Never anything good enough to make it through, say, the senior seminar that I failed.  But they were pretty and I did very well with selecting colors.

6. How did you stumble upon the blogging community?

I don’t fully remember how I started to find all of the expat blogs.  I think it was through Tara’s website Me and the Mexican–though she is not an expat.  I started reading her blog and then went searching for others.  I just kept finding more and more.  However, I had my blog before this and I had blogged under other names before–just never kept up with it.

7. Have you learned something new about yourself through the immigration process?

I learned that I need to be much more careful with my anger.  I became very stressed and would lash out at my husband.  However, I do not want to scapegoat by claiming stress made me do it.  I bordered on being verbally abusive and there were times when I would say things to him and I knew I had absolutely crushed his spirit.  I had no right to do what I did, I’m sorry for it, and I believe I have learned.

8. What is something that you love about your new country and what is something that you cannot stand (or greatly miss from your home country)?

I love all the little stores that I can easily access and find most everything I need; so much better than having nothing but WalMart.  I love fresh fruits and veggies.  I love that I can walk where I need to be (though I know this has more to do with being in a city).  I love that there is so much close by and it is just a cheap bus ride away.

I will miss family, friends, the daycare kiddos, big TVs, comfy mattresses, and stores with clothing in my size.

9. Did you know your in-laws before moving?  Has it been an adjustment being closer to them?

I have met my suegra and my husband’s sisters (except one who I never want to meet).  I get along with them in small doses, but they have all pulled things that have made me very angry.  I am happy that I will not be living incredibly close to them, but will still have the option of seeing them a few times a month.

10. If you were going to your home country next week, where is the first place you would go after seeing your family?

I would go shopping for some clothes to replace whatever is wearing out or doesn’t fit.  Grab a new pair of shoes that are dressy but good for walking.  Get a burger at Cowboy Pizza and custard at Culver’s.

11. What is your favorite pasttime?

Writing.  Would you have guessed that?


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    • I’m not really a painter, abstract is just about lines and color for me, not much going on. No idea how much supplies would cost me in Mexico either. I miss it sometimes, but for the most part I think it was a costly habit for all that paint and canvas.

  1. What a great idea. I’m glad you participated because I learned more things about you. #4, love the names! #5, i wish i was artsy (at least in some way) Maybe, you can paint some in Mexico. Like Valarie mentioned, you being able to do your own art for your walls is awesome! Maybe on a trip back to the states you can pick up some supplies, ya never know. At any rate, if you do paint something, I hope you’ll post it for all of us to see! #6, YAY! I had no idea any of this came from reading my blog. Thanks so much for being part of my blogger friends! #7, I have the same tendencies. I practice a lot of self control….hahaha #9, sounds like a good in-law arrangement. =)

    I am wishing you a safe trip and I hope all goes smoothly. If you do not post before you leave, know that your blogger friends are thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way. I can’t wait to hear news from you once you have arrived and settled in.

    Best wishes amiga!

  2. Finding clothes that fit is always a prio when back in the US. I hit the outlet malls, sale racks, and thrift stores to find things. It’s always better quality and fit for the price in the US. I don’t buy clothes in Mexico. Not even shoes, because no one else here has a size 10 foot.

    Small stores and fresh food is hard to beat here. The whole shopping experience is so much more enjoyable. Except when you have to return something.

    Hope you have a safe trip to Pachuca. 🙂


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