I am in Mexico


A lot has happened, as one would expect, and I am completely baffled as to what I should even blog about.

We are in our house, provided by the school, and I am incredibly happy with it.

There are so many little adjustments I have been going through in my marriage.  I am happy to be back with him, but each time is a little like starting over.  Hopefully this will be for quite some time.

I bought a used washing machine for only 1,000 pesos and it works great.  However, I did wash some items by hand before I bought it.

There is an amazing bakery just about two blocks from my house.

There is also a taquito place there with just about every filing imaginable.

There is also a tamale and atole vendor there in the mornings.

I am very obsessed with food right now.

My bathroom stinks because of the no-flushing situation.  I need advice on this one from other Mexpats.

I completed my week of orientation–the program is great and really aligns with what I learned at MU.

I have a lovely neighbor who splits taxis with me.  I’m actually using her net right now until mine is installed tomorrow.

The floor is always filthy, no matter how much I sweep it.  I consider this the major downside of living here.

There was a party for the school and I had a lot of fun.  I may actually become more social.  If you know me in person, this is kind of crazy.

Today we went to the Central del Abastos and bought a bunch of fruit–some that even Sal had never seen before.  The figs are by far my favorite (though they actually came from his farm–free food).

A week ago we went to the farm and I really enjoyed my time there with his mother and grandmother.  Sal went back today to get all the things we forgot the last time.

I have pretty much blown through my starting budget getting all the things I need.  I get paid tomorrow.

There are about ten different things on my long-term-goals list for the house; yes, I am beyond happy with it, but I always have a project in mind.

Two different dogs like to come into my house when I leave the door open–I have a locked gate–but one has disappeared the past few days.  I miss her.

Check out my flickr for photos of my home.

And I will try to blog again soon–once I have an actual post in mind.


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    • I have flushed it on accident, but the school says not to flush it. Basically, no matter how often I empty the trash can, the bathroom smells bad. Do you think it is okay so long as there isn’t a lot of paper? And it feels so strange to be discussing this on a rather public forum, but this life kind of makes it necessary, lol!

      • We flush it, but we buy the one that says it can be flushed. Usually that’s Charmin or Petals. As long as you watch how much paper is in there and you have a brand that is made to flush, you should be OK. Every now and then it gets backed up, but it’s the same as in the US in that case, just use a plunger and it turns out fine. The fact that most people don’t flush it is the reason why most of the paper here is so heavily scented. What we used to do was have a very small bucket, and then every few hours I would empty the bucket to a larger trash can outside. It’s very odd to have to talk about this, but it’s one of those little things that can be very frustrating and confusing.

  1. So glad you are there safe and sound and settling in. Your house is adorable! I may have to come to Pachuca just for the dino park (my son is obsessed). It’s so good to hear from you, i’ve been paciently waiting…LOL
    Can’t wait to read more.

  2. It always takes a while to settle in after a move, and to be honest, when I was in a long-distance relationship, I always felt a little strange to be with my ex. Not necessarily in bad way, but it was definitely an adjustment. Jealous about all your good food. 🙂

    • Yeah, it is hard to go from living as a single person to suddenly being a wife again. And all the bad habits we unlearned when together have come back full force.

  3. What is your “no flushing situation”? When there is no handle to flush with, people keep a big barrel of water filled and pour a pitcher of water into the toilet, and it goes down. Not sure if that will help.

    Sounds like typical first impressions/experiences upon arrival to Mexico, glad you are safe and adjusting. 🙂

    • There is a handle to flush with, but I have always been told not to flush the TP here in Mexico–even at the higher end hotels I stayed at here in Pachuca. I’m considering trying to flush the paper, but I did last night and it went down, but this morning the toilet won’t flush right. So I am thinking I cannot flush the paper.

      • Ah, I see. We don’t flush the paper, either, because it does get clogged after a while. We throw it away, into a trash can with a lid. When you say the bathroom stinks, do you think it is the TP? I noticed the same thing when i first visited Mexico, and I found out it was the shower drain. Most people here do not put in p-traps in the plumping to trap odors, so the sewer smell floats up through the pipes and into the bathroom. If the stench seems to be stronger at various intervals throughout the day, that is probably what you are smelling. There’s no way to fix this in the plumbing once the floor is put in, but you can find drain covers to control the smell and keep cockroaches from surfacing. We used this in our home in Veracruz and it helped.

  4. So glad you are there and safe. Your place is so cute and it is going to take awhile to adjust to eachother again. I swear it took me a month to get used to not sleeping alone and doing things as a couple again. I will be leaving again in about a month and will have to change and adjust once again.

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