The Problem with Listening to Music in Spanish


Since arriving, I have been mainly listening to music.  Being that we were without cable and internet, it was my preference to listen to songs I could not understand rather than watch programs I could not understand.  Occasionally, these two would overlap when one of the three channels our TV was picking up would do a music video hour.

During my first music video session, I caught a video by a group called Miranda; the video was for a song called Ya Lo Sabia.  I found the video to be rather disgusting and one scene in particular turned me off my lunch that day.  However, my entire day from that point on was serenaded by one small portion of the song–the title words “ya lo sabia”.  Over and over and over again I heard these three words in my head, sung in the cheery voices of Miranda.

This only went away when I heard another song; once again, only a few words were stuck in my head.  Those repetitive, sing-songy words went away when another batch came to fill my brain.  This has continued and is still going on at this moment–in face, I am right back where I started with “ya lo sabia”.

At first I was not only irritated, but stupefied by this.  Why only a few words?  It made no sense to me.  However, I began to realize that the words stuck in my head were the only words I really understood in the entire song–or at least the only words I understood that appeared next to each other, allowing them to loop in my head.  So, thanks to my bare minimal recognition, these brief tunes get to follow me throughout my day.  Thankfully, I refuse to watch Bandamax.


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  1. The problem with Spanish language music is that it’s so darn catchy!!! Once you hear a tune, even if it is Banda, it’s stuck in your head all day long and you even find yourself singing it or tapping you toes to it! 😛

    I actually like Miranda, especially they’re songs: Perfecta and Yo Te Dire. But I haven’t heard this particular song nor have I watched the video. I’m kinda afraid to watch it now! LOL

    Listening to music in Spanish and watching Spanish language TV is actually a good way to learn Spanish and pick up phrases you might not have learned. 🙂

  2. Loved your post! Just wanted to tell ya that the whole reason I learned Spanish in the 1st place was because of the music.

    I had gone through a bad break up and couldn’t listen to any songs in English…. they made me sad or think too much. I started listening to Spanish music b/c I couldn’t understand anything. After months of listening, I was dead set on a mission to LEARN SPANISH! It was the best thing I ever did!

    I’m now thankful for the breakup and thankful for the music that transformed who I am!
    Keep listening to those catchy tunes! Before ya know it, your going to be fluent!!!!

  3. lol I love bandamax… bt Miranda… not my type of music… I learned all my spanish basically from music and silly songs like “que bonita que bonita, esta mi vecinita” lol

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