A Random Update, Yet Again


This Sunday was spent traveling to the farm and enjoying a party there.  I brought along two friends from school (and Sal, obviously) and it was a blast–or at least my idea of a blast.  We stopped for tepache on the side of the road, looked at small furniture vendors, and tried to bargain for exotic fruit.  We stopped in Actopan to get some items from a mercado, and people laughed at the site of three gringas tailing Sal through the place.  Then we headed to the farm, ate carnitas, and picked fruit/veggies on the farm.  Lita made some pulque, and for the first time I actually liked it.  Apparently Lita has the magic.

On our way back, we stopped off on the side of the road again.  This time we got chayote, elote, and nieves.  My nieve was called beso de angel and was pretty awesome.  Next time we go, I want to get some pottery (none was out this time) and one of the molcajetes that is shaped like a pig.

I started teaching and my first day wiped me out.  So much I didn’t anticipate or couldn’t due to various circumstances.  Today went much better.  I do not want to write much about school as I feel it is somewhat unethical.  However, I am very happy right now.  The usual problems are there, but nothing unexpected.  And nothing that I can’t handle.  Or at least I think so.

A week from Sunday we are going back to the farm and to swim at Tephe.  I need to pick up suntan lotion before then as I burned just walking on the farm.  Sal bought me some type of burn lotion that has seriously moistuized my skin and smells awesome.  Too bad the tube is small, otherwise I would use it as my regular lotion.

And that is it for right now.  Eventually, I hope that I will get up the energy and become organized enough to write real posts again.  For now, hopefully this is good enough.


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    • Not too much drama with my school, but I never know what can get a teacher in hot water. Even things not related to school could take my job, so I try to be careful.

  1. My 3rd year teaching in Mexico has taught me that all will work out in the end. I have switched to 7, 8, 9, 10, & 11 grades grammar and literature. These grades were not part of my major and I have no experience for these grades, but that’s OK. However, 10 & 11 have new books and no teacher’s books or manuals. I do not have objectives or lesson plans for 10 & 11. Also, we are two teachers short so I am mandated to use all my planning time to cover classes in geography and history. Meanwhile, may I say ARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH?

    • I am 7th grade language arts only. I have been given the option to teach parents once a week for more money and I am debating it.

    • I think it can be unethical on many levels. The people I write about on my blog know that I am and I mostly approach writing about people other than Sal and I with a creative writing touch, so it isn’t about them but about the story. To write about school, I am pretty much inherently writing about my students and co-workers; there is little to write about beyond plans that doesn’t involve them, and even that can. I would be upset to find out that I had an internet identity on my co-workers blog without being aware of it. And I imagine that when I am a parent, I would be even more upset to discover my child’s teacher was writing about them online, even with a name withheld.

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