Three Weeks


Today marks three weeks in Mexico.  Much to my surprise, it is starting to feel very much like home.  My routine is pretty set and my house fits me well.  Hailing a cab and zooming off for home after school each day feels like the most natural thing in the world.  I walk on my own or with friends, independent of Salvador, and buy items for home or food from street vendors.  I think my Spanish might even be improving–though maybe I am just being egotistical because several of my friends rely on me to translate when out and about.

There are still things I am uncomfortable with, as one would expect–even some things I downright hate.  Ironing and sweeping/mopping are at the top of that list and probably always will be.  After that, probably noise even though where I live is pretty quiet.

I may begin taking a Zumba class offered by the school.  Sadly, I will have to miss one of the two classes each week thanks to my extra class.  But I hope to get some friends in on it and have some fun, possibly shaping up in the mean time.

So it seems that, yet again, my blog is rather random.  I think that is fitting as, despite my feeling at home, many things are still jumbled and disorganized.  I am still trying to find the balance, but am content no matter.


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  1. Glad to hear that you feel at home. All that time wondering and worrying about what it would be like and you are already 3 weeks in!

    I’m thinking a post with pictures is due!

    • I never take my camera with me–well I mean my iPhone as that is my camera now. I left the others back home. I’ll try to make an effort to take some photos.

  2. Sounds like you are all settled now. There are always noises here. All day, everyday, the food, the “Gas,” water, trash, animals, it is like there is a daily soundtrack. I agree its time for some photos.

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