My Puppy


Okay, so it isn’t my puppy.  Nor is it a puppy, it is a full grown dog.  No matter, I adore her.  Or at least I think it is a her.

She belongs to someone else in my privada.  I call her Lady because she is a cocker spaniel, and it seems appropriate.  Last night, when I came home from work, Lady was waiting for me near the playground.  She came running up to me, got a quick pet, and then immediately ran for my front door.

My husband thinks I am crazy, but I have let this strange dog into my house a few times.  Even though she is owned and very sweet, she is always hungry.  I first took pity on her when she was following the trash man around so she could eat whatever spoiled things fell out.  She saw me watching and came running to my door.  I tried to get something to feed her while she waited outside my gate, but she ran off.

The next time, she found me when I put out my trash can.  She came inside with me, ate some chicken, drank some water, and then played in my back yard until she felt it was time to go.  This routine repeated on another trash day as well.

So yesterday, I let her in and she ran expectantly to my fridge.  I gave her the usual, let her play, gave her love, and off she went. When Sal got home, we ordered pizza but we could not finish it.  So Sal said, “You should give it to the puppy.”

Lady just left after eating her Dominos, happy as can be.  And Sal and I are happy to not have to deal with a trashcan smelling from leftovers.


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    • I certainly hope not. Actually, only one other dog has ever approached me in a friendly way here. Others will come up to my gate and growl at me.

  1. We try to show love the animals here too. My favorite is a random horse. He’s been given treats and lots of attention. Animal kindness is not common here, but it does rub off onto others. The other day hubby bought a sandwich that he didn’t like so he fed it to the horse. 🙂

    • Yeah, the treatment of animals by Sal’s family is difficult to watch. I had some friends there a few weeks back and they were seriously shocked. It isn’t so different from members of my family who grew up on farms, but it is still hard to take.

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