I Have Been a Teacher for Two Weeks


In these two weeks:

I have struggled to learn names and still do not know most of them.

I have come to care deeply for many of my students (I will not say all because I do not think two weeks is enough time to know and care on a personal level about 70 different kids).

Many of my students have opened up to me about dreams, struggles, and very personal pain; it can be incredibly uplifting and horribly sad to hear what they have to say and read what they have to write.

Two cupcakes, a candied apple, and some sherbert have been bought for me by students.

Three different students have offered to give me a dog–a boxer–because it is my favorite breed of dog.

I have come to learn the value of making the most of my planning time while at school rather than telling myself I can do it when I get home.

Chamoy covered apples have become a part of every weekday for me.

I’m learning what things must be done and what things can wait until I have the time and energy.

I discovered a way to make melted cheese dips without creating the worst dish washing disaster ever to curse mankind.

Salsa classes have become a part of my weekly routine and I hope that this will last.  Though these “salsa” classes are actually more like Zumba.

I have found two taxi drivers who actually know where my house is and can get me there without me giving them directions.

I should have gotten their numbers but I did not.

I have made quite a few friends but I do not see them much outside of school, likely because I do not often party.


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    • Anytime, but there is no where for you to sleep here. Either you would have to stay at a hotel or put your hotel budget towards a mattress for the guest room, lol!

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