A Trip to the Bakery



Not sure what this is, but it is good.


Cheesecake filled muffin.  When I bought this the first time, I had no idea what was actually in it, they never have descriptions.


This particular treat has bothered me for a long time.  It is the most expensive individual item in the bakery not behind a case (12 pesos) and looks incredibly unappetizing.  Today I finally “bit the bullet” and tried it.  It ends up that underneath the chocolate rat exterior is a chocolate brownie filled with nuts.  It was quite amazing and nixed my chocolate craving I have had for some time.  Still, this thing just looks so, so wrong.


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    • Yeah, the various levels of things wrong with the rat are a little more than I want to provide commentary for here. However, I think most people can pick up on all that is off in that picture.

  1. Hola from Mazatlán, Gringa! I just found your blog, am reading backwards but I wanted to say hello. I’ve been here four years, love it more every day, too.

    About the pastries – I find that most taste the same and have a bread like consistency. I get excited sometimes at their appearance, but end up disappointed by the taste and texture. And I’ll agree, no thanks to the rat!


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