. . . and a Hole in my Ceiling


Last night, there was a mosquito in the house.  This is not a special occasion–there are no screens on the windows and I often leave the door open in the afternoons.  Bugs are a part of our life here.

Most bugs in our house are ignored.  We figure they are mostly harmless.  However, mosquitoes draw a special ire from Sal.  If Sal sees a mosquito, he is immediately on a mission to kill it.

We have a flyswatter hanging on a wall in the living room, like thrifty, dollar-store art.  It hangs next to actual pieces of thrifty, dollar-store art.  I am the only one who uses this.  Since we arrived, Sal has been fond of the broom.

About a week ago, we had three spiders danging on a wall.  I pointed them out to Salvador.  He started to get the broom, but stopped short and headed to the window where he picked up the thick, wooden dowel that we use to secure the window.  Then, as if playing a game of skill, he slowly picked off each of those three spiders using the end of the stick.

“Why don’t you just use the flyswatter?” I asked him.

“Nah, this is better,” he assured me.

Okay, sure.

So, last night the mosquito arrived and Sal was on the hunt.  I went and did some work in the office while he went about trying to pin down the mosquito with the end of the stick.  I figured, I had seen this show already, nothing new would happen.  At some point, Sal called out that he had killed it.  Not long after, we went to bed.

Today, I came home from school and saw a spider on the ceiling.  I immediately scanned the rest of my ceiling for more spiders, and stopped when I noticed a strange shadow on the ceiling near the window.  I walked closer to it, and realized it was a hole.

The exact size and shape of the end of the stick.

Sal did not seem to think this was important to mention to me.


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