At La Feria


This past weekend, Salvador and I went to the fair.  Actually, we went every weekend for the past three weeks; there was too much good food and cheap trinkets to buy for us not to go.  Besides, the only other thing we would be doing is sitting on the couch.

On our first trip there, we noticed this giant blanket auction.  A large man wearing a microphone that strapped around his face much like the tubes for an oxygen tank was shouting off prices, catch phrases, and the very special qualities of his blankets.  I wanted to take advantage of the various deals offered since I had heard it gets pretty cold here at night during the winters.

“Not now,” Sal told me.  “Later it will be cheaper.”

I figured Sal knew what he was talking about, so I trusted him.  We came the next week and, sure enough, they were cheaper.  I decided it was a good time to buy.  Sal told me the same as the week before.

We came on the final weekend and the blankets were still the same price, which didn’t bother me at all.  We found our way to the front of the auction crowd to get the blankets.  We waited as he shouted out amounts of money we no longer had on us after an overpriced meal; when he got down to $100 pesos, we were ready.

First it was princess blanket after princess blanket.  Then it was Toy Story; after that, it was Cars.  Finally something not for a child came up: a simple, flowered blanket.  I raised my hand and it was mine.  As I turned to Sal with my blanket, I see his hand is in the air and his face bright as can be.  One of the blanket men walked over to him and handed him this:

In the past, Salvador and I have argued over ugly blankets.  Here in Mexico, I find it difficult to locate warm blankets that do not have some type of an animal on them; Sal sees no problem with this–I cannot stand it.  When I saw that we had just become the owners of a sports themed blanket, I was not impressed.  In fact, I think this was my face:

The blanket lives in the closet.  It only comes out at night when we are cold and no one else is around.


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  1. Love the post (and the very appropriate facial expression!). One of the things I could never quite get used to when living in Mexico is the *ahem* aesthetic differences between me and my wonderful Mexican family. For some reason I couldn’t get used to “the more bling/flashing lights/glitter the better” philosophy. 😀 But, alas, maybe it’s “mi gusto” that leaves a lot to be desired!

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