Only in Mexico? Or Just Not in the US?


Not where I am from, at least.

The truth is, I am not fond of the “Only in Mexico” thing. There are a lot of things I see people posting that they say are “Only in Mexico” that honestly aren’t; they just aren’t what we are accustomed to in our home countries. For instance, “The neighbor’s rooster woke me up: only in Mexico.” Except, no, not only in Mexico; I have a friend in Honduras who can share in your pain. One in India, too.

Probably one back home in Arnold, Missouri, to be honest.

This past Thursday I was taking a cab home from school. As we turned onto the last street before my own, we found ourselves behind a man pulling a mattress behind him on a cart. And on that mattress, his very lazy friend. Sleeping. With a bottle of something fun in his hand.

“Mexico,” my driver said to me, looking in his rear-view mirror to meet my eyes.

“Is that true?” I asked him.

“Where else do you see that?”

“I don’t know,” I replied. ‘I have only lived here and in the United States.”

“But you don’t see this there, do you?”

And no, I don’t. I have seen someone get pulled over for driving a lawnmower on the highway while drunk–more than once. But I have never seen someone carting around their drunk friend on a mattress.

Only in Mexico?


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  1. There are a ton of things I’ve only seen in Mexico and it made me stop and stare. But here’s a couple to share about the USA. My cousins from the Czech Republic stared at people who jog on the street for nothing more than exercise. And our German exchange student was amazed at the wide open spaces in Iowa and made us stop so he could take a photo of a pig on a farm. He had never seen a farm where pigs were outside.

  2. I think no matter where you live in the world you are bound to see things that only happen in that location. With the differences in culture, there are tons of things that are VERY different here than in the US.

    I think we are already in a situation that gives us more of an open mind and when we say “only in Mexico”, there is no negative conitation that is connected to it. Just something that is very specific to here and not the US.

    • I don’t think people mean it negatively either. It is just that most of the things people say this about are things that are not, in fact, only in Mexico. They happen in many places all over the world; they just stand out to us because it is different from home. Some things, certainly, are going to be isolated to a specific culture. But I am pretty sure I could find some other country where the mattress escapade would not be incredibly out of place.

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