House Demons


I have house demons.  That is the only explanation for all the things to have gone wrong recently.

The toilet stopped flushing and started leaking.

The lock on the door broke and we could not close it.  Once closed, we could only hope it would open.

The outlet in the bedroom blew.

The drapes fell off the wall in the bedroom.

The door closed with our keys in the house; Sal broke off a piece of the gate climbing in.

The sink quit draining correctly.

Pieces of the tile on our roof fell off.

And now rain is coming in through the closed door and window in the living room.



3 responses »

  1. Oh no!!! I have found it to be a constant here that when one thing breaks at least three others will follow suit. Right now I am dealing with one broken bathroom sink and two leaky air conditioners. It may take a long time to get everything fixed and (for me at least) it is quite the process but when it is all done how good it feels!! Suerte with your demons!

  2. Trust me, everyone has house demons in Mexico. I had a boiler incapable of being lit except by the maintenance man at the school. No one else could light that demon. And it went out several times a week. I had an electric fire after the circuit panel blew sparks and filled the entire apartment with smoke. I had a toilet that was oozing green gunk around its base. The drains were so slow even though I poured drain-o down them and wanted to call Roto-rooter. Windows that would open. The list is endless. At least it didn’t flood like all my other friends’ homes.

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