The Rainy Season


According to those I spoke with before I moved here, rainy season in Pachuca does not start until March.  However, it has been raining, storming, hailing, and being a huge mess for weeks now.  At first, my house was flooding due to the poor seal on my front door and window.  This has since been fixed, but I have not yet found a remedy for my clothes that are perpetually in some state of wet outside on the line.

The rainy season seems to have brought with it my moody season.  I am feeling angry and a bit depressed for the first time since I arrive here.  Those things which would not have bothered me before are now burrowing under my skin.  I know that this is temporary, a symptom of season.

My husband is cheerful regarding the rain.  It was a dry year last year and the crops on the farm were not healthy and plentiful.  Also, rain means less work for the same pay for him.  For me, it just means the children are harder to teach.

I hope that if rainy season came early, it will leave early as well.


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  1. I am so sick of this rain. It’s so gloomy and makes me lazy. I find myself not wanting to do much but to stay under covers all day. Hoping it’ll brighten up out there!

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