My Daughter is a Mexican Mutt


On Sunday, Salvador and I drove the furthest we have ever driven in Mexico just to get her–to San Juan del Rio, Queretaro.  I found her on Facebook–a post by a dog rescue called Save a Mexican Mutt.  I have been following them since August or so.  A few weeks ago, my little girl started appearing in photos and her big, sad eyes grabbed me.  They reminded me of Max, my childhood dog–a big, strong, loving, goofball boxer.

Her story also grabbed me–it was the story of many dogs I see here in Mexico.  She was made to live outdoors, starved, given very little care and very little love.  There is much I love about living in Mexico, but the general treatment of animals is not one of those things, nor is it one I will ever become used to.  Her sad eyes and her sad story were too much for me.

And then there was her rescue name: Mama Dog.  As many readers know, Mama is the name I gave to a neighbor’s dog, whom they neglect.  She is another love in my life right now.  Somehow the eyes, the story, and the name made everything feel right.

I am so very glad that everything did come together and make it all feel right.  My little girl–whom we have renamed Georgia–is amazing.  She is calm and gentle.  She seems to understand what we want from her without us needing to instruct her.  Sunday night, as we climbed into bed, Georgia went right to the blanket we had placed in the floor for her and slept the night through.  She comes to us frequently for love, but doesn’t get demanding when we are busy.  The first day I left her alone while we worked, we decided to take a risk and give her full run of the house and backyard; I returned home to a perfect house and an eager dog.

While she fills my heart with love, she can also break it, too.  There are signs of her former life, and they may never go away.  When Salvador tried to pet her with his foot, she cringed, shook, and whimpered.  Sal teared up at the fear she felt and the guilt he felt for doing something that scared her.  I teared up knowing how often and how hard she must have been kicked by someone in her life to have had such a reaction.  In moments like that, I am so thankful to have the chance to love her and to know that I am giving her something better that what she knew.

For those who are wanting to learn more about the rescue, please check out Save a Mexican Mutt.  And if you would like to help, but cannot open your home to a rescue animal, consider volunteering for the Pet Adoption Highway; this is a group which is creating a transportation network for getting rescue dogs to their forever homes, no matter the distance.


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  1. i had watched mama dogs story and am beyond happy she has loving parents and a happy home. She so deserves it.

  2. I have tears in my eyes and I’m trying to type. Not an easy thing to do. But I’m so happy for you and Salvador and for Georgia too. I can’t wait to see a photo of her.

    I am a HUGE animal lover which isn’t an easy thing to be in Mexico. I once had 23 cats and 9 dogs…all rescued from the street.

    I also had a “Mama Dog.” I found her between 2 cement walls with 5 puppies. I brought her home and took care of her and her puppies. When the puppies were old enough, I had them all spayed/neutured before finding good homes for them and Mama Dog was also operated on. I had planned on keeping Mama Dog, but unfortunately we had a neighbor who didn’t like her (we lived in a condo) and I was forced to find her a home.

    I’m looking forward to reading more about her. 🙂

  3. Bless you and Salvador for giving this magnificent dog the home she deserves. I also watched her pictures and progress with SAMM. Her soulful eyes tell her story, full of fear and pain but a strong desire to trust again. Love her. That is all she wants from you.

  4. Aww. I am so glad she now has a good home and you both have a new friend. This reminds me of my cami, we got her from a shelter in the states. She was very quiet and everytime I picked up a broom to sweep she would go running scared. She is much better now but from time to time if someone moves there foot close to her she still runs. It is hard and takes a long time for them to trust and get used to things but at least now she has a good home.

  5. Hi, I am Kelly Karger’s Mom and I have followed Mama Dog (Georgia’s) story with great interest. I am so thrilled that she has found a permanent home with you folks. It sounds like she is a perfect fit in your family. I toyed with the idea of taking her in, but I already have 4 furbabies and live in Florida so getting her here would have been difficult. Thank you so much for opening your home and your hearts to this sweet girl and do keep us posted on her progress…I look forward to seeing pictures of her in a few months when she’s fattened up and vibrantly happy.

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