You’ve Got Mail!


Today, during my second planning break, I went to my level office to check my mail box.  In addition to my exams and sub folder, two white packages had been stuffed inside.  I felt very excited–packages for me!  I wasn’t expecting any, so it was pretty special.

I thought perhaps they were books for English teachers offered as samples from a publishing house, or something similarly mundane.  When I picked them up, they were light and felt like DVD’s.  So my next assumption was that they were educational DVD’s given, also, as samples.

On my way to the teacher’s lounge, packages in hand, I remembered that my parents had bought me I Love Lucy DVD’s for my birthday.  They had said that they were sent to the house and I would get them in July.  Oh, what a surprise they pulled on me!  They had them mailed here instead!

I sat down in the lounge, excited to get my hands on some evening entertainment besides telenovelas and football.  I cut the first package open, pulled out the DVD, and looked at the cover; it was a compilation DVD of popular older sitcoms, including The Lucy Show.

Hmmm, not exactly I Love Lucy, but I wasn’t going to complain.  Then I opened the next one.

And pulled out a DVD of The Beverly Hillbillies.

“Oh no,” I thought, “Dad ordered from someone on Ebay and they sent the wrong DVD’s.”  So I skyped Mom to let her know.

Mom messaged me back, “What are you talking about?”

Apparently no surprise was executed.  My DVD’s are honestly in the US.

I checked the packaging.  It was sent from Frankfurt, Germany March 20th.  My first thought was, “Wow, fast shipping!”  The next was, “Do I know someone in Germany who would send me The Beverly Hillbillies?”

While I do, indeed, know some people living there, I am quite positive they would not send me these things.  And as of this posting, I still have no clue who sent them.


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  1. Didn’t you have someone from Germany who use to spend hours and hours on you blog???? Do you have a stalker? A secret admirer? Hope you find out soon who it was. (who ever it was…. how thoughtful!)

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