Mi Muy Bueno Espanol


On Thursday, my husband woke up and made coffee before going to work.  I heard him struggling to work the lighter, but it apparently did its job as I found cold coffee on the stove when I finally rolled out of bed.  Which was somewhere around lunch time, so I was hungry.

I decided on soup, so I put water in a pot to boil.  I went for the lighter.  Click . . click . . . click . . . nothing.  Again and again I tried.  Then I gave up and went for our matches.

Missing!  No matches anywhere in our house!  Hmmm, not good.

I went and sulked on the sofa.  I could have taken a cab to Bodega, bought a new lighter and did some grocery shopping.  But I didn’t want to tempt myself with all the things I could buy.  I settled for the bakery; I’m a gordita, nothing wrong with a hearty lunch of cake and chocolate.

On my way back, the corner store was open.  “They probably have matches,” I thought to myself.  I walked myself in the door: pure confidence.  Then realized I had no idea how to say matches in Spanish.  So I used the vocabulary I had.

“Discuple, tiene cosas para poner fuego en mi estufa?”

The woman laughed a little, then handed me some matches.

I consider this a victory.



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  1. I do it alllllll the time. I didn’t know the word for a baseball mitt the other day. So I asked. Como se dice la cosa pones en la mano para jugar beisbol? The answer? Guante. I knew guante meant glove, but I didn’t translate it to baseball mitt.

    We forgive those who don’t speak English very well. I hope she was forgiving of you.

  2. I always used to tell my husband, if you don’t know the exact word but can describe the thing you’re trying to say, I consider that to be fluent! After all, you don’t know every single word in your native language, do you? So yes, this is a BIG victory!

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